Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Alan Dejecacion

Alan Dejecacion is a photojournalist and documentary photographer living and working in San Francisco.

"I worked as a photojournalist for eight years while living in Los Angeles doing mostly editorial assignments for magazines and as contract photographer for the Gamma-Liaison photographic agency (acquired by Getty Images in 1997). I value the experienced gained from those times, but my approach to making a photograph has changed –partly from being inspired by friends, colleagues, and others. Those days of running around trying to meet deadlines are pretty much over for me. I prefer a much slower pace now, working mostly on long-term documentary projects some of which are posted on my Flickr site. In between these personal projects, the stunning light that we're so blessed here in San Francisco (my home for the last 15 years) is enough to keep me busy. "

Waitress at Rain Tree Cafe watching television on a slow evening.
Irving Street, San Francisco © Alan Dejecacion

Above Jones Street on a morning stroll with my Holga. San Francisco
© Alan Dejecacion

Early morning in December. Broadway Street, San Francisco
© Alan Dejecacion

Waiting for my breakfast at Peter D's. Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco
© Alan Dejecacion

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Anonymous said...

Alan has an excellent eye. Someone to look up to as he finds ways to get the essence of a scene, a person and/or a situation. In my book his strong point is his photographs with people/portraits as he has a knack for getting the moment when the subject relaxes and his/her true self comes out. Alan has a way of making the subject feel comfortable and let their guard come down and he captures it well. Whether it's a photograph of his street, a car, hi niece, his friends, people in faraway lands or a random person in his neighborhood, Alan will find a way to tell a story. Thanks for sharing.