Friday, April 18, 2008

Tony Remington

Tony Remington is a photographer of considerable accomplishment. He has recently been dividing his time between the Philippines and the San Francisco Bay Area.

"My father a Bataan Veteran POW was offered US citzenship. Thus, I was born a hypehnenated American Citizen in Manila, at doon ako pinananak. I grew up in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury in the postwar fifties and reached adolescence when the country was reinventing itself through the colateral damage of Vietnam and the Civil Rights movement. I'm the diaspora of one country and the metamorphosis of another, and a contradiction to both. In 2006 I was consumed in the flaming embrace of Shiva and was briefly reincarnated in a prank called 'Death By Stork.' "

Pasig City, San Nicolas, Philippines. I caught three schoolgirls waiting for a tricycle after it had rained. The streets were still wet, lit up like sheets of glass flickering under passing headlights. I can still smell the Jeepney exhaust in the hot humid air as the girls laughed and talked without a care. © Tony Remington

Pasig City, San Nicolas, Philippines. I managed to isolate this tricycle as the rain returned. From among the hoards of tricycles found in Pasig City proper, malipit sa palenke, they come out in droves to ferry the children to and from school. I love the streets when they are wet like this. It is etched into my mind, I can still taste it. © Tony Remington

Pasig City, San Nicolas, Philippines. The "Eggman." A man crossing the street with a bag of eggs. My house is in the unmodernized part of Pasig City, free of pretense, Where I could get a clear understanding. © Tony Remington

Pasig City, San Nicolas, Philippines. The world truly is a bizarre composite of contradictions. It wasn't till I lost everything that I realized what i had found, and in doing so revealed an almost unbearable truth about being an American. © Tony Remington

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Anonymous said...

The great Tony Remington. I'm honored to be considered his friend as he's another photographer I look up to for inspiration. Seeing his photographs make you want to be better and I haven't reached it. Dave you've chosen excellent photographers for this project.