Sunday, May 10, 2009

Phu Tran: Patea, New Zealand

Phu Tran was born in Southeast Asia and raised in Northern California. He now lives and works in Patea, New Zealand. With graphic design being a primary profession, photography has always been an accompanying tool and continues to be a growing practice.

Life in Patea is quiet with the occasional strong coastal winds and the rumbling of milk trucks passing through. This small town was once a major boom town with all the essential businesses driven mainly by a thriving Freezing Works. Today, 25 years after the closing of the Works, only a handful of shops and clinics support less than 2000 remaining residents.

The Albion Hotel and Bar accommodates
farming contractors, traveling workers and tourists.

Patea locals get up at dawn to commemorate Anzac Day, 25th of April. It is a remembrance day for those who died in the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

Highway 3 Food bar is one of the busiest shops in town
serving typical Kiwi fish and chips.

The Freezing Works Display created by artist Nigel Ogle is reminiscent of
the days of success and wealth.

All images ©Phu M. Tran