Sunday, April 12, 2009

Delmi Alvarez: Riga, Latvia

Delmi Alvarez is a freelance photojournalist currently living in Riga, Latvia. Originally from the port city of Vigo, in the autonomous region of Galicia, in Northwest Spain, Delmi began his career photographing social conflict in the streets of Vigo.

Delmi has completed long term documentary projects, the most notable of which are his year long documentation of daily life in Cuba, and his twenty year documentation of the Galician Diaspora around the world.

Galegos na Diaspora 1989-2009
took Delmi on journeys through Europe, Russia, Africa and the Americas culminating in an edited work of 576 black and white duotone images.

Today Delmi lives among the Galician Diaspora in Riga.

In Latvia women clean the streets all year round starting very early each morning. In winter, as snow accumulates, the heavy work takes many hours.

March 16th is Latvian Legion Day when soldiers of the Latvian Legion, part of the Waffen SS, are commemorated. It was made an official day of remembrance in 1998 and has since sparked much controversy. Many Red Army veterans and leftist activists see the Legion as an arm of the Nazi regime and consider Legion Day a Nazi festival. In 2000, the Latvian government abolished the holiday.

Jurmala beach is a resort near Riga where the rich and diplomats live.

Freedom Monument Guard, Riga, Latvia.

Old car with advertisement: Moving?

All photos © Delmi Alvarez

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting post Delmi, I like the idea of covering a disapora, it makes alot of sense. each of your images have a very interesting story to tell.Thanks!