Sunday, March 2, 2008

Alyson Belcher

Alyson Belcher is a fine art photographer living in San Francisco's Richmond District. She teaches photography at the Academy of Art University.

"I'm really drawn to the visual signs of old San Francisco. The City has changed so much over the past 20 years or so, and I'm always drawn to the places and things that haven't changed so much. That's why I love living in the Richmond. It's so regular and unchanged. I love the diversity of people who have come here from Europe and who have established their own communities in this neighborhood. There's a timeless feeling about this area. Or maybe it's just old and funky. But it's cool." - Alyson Belcher

#1: This car is a bright blue Le Mans, and when I took the photograph it was in beautiful condition. It is usually parked on 19th Ave. near Cabrillo, and it's often covered. On this day it was obviously not covered, and it sparkled in the sun. This car isolated against the residential architecture that is common in the Richmond District makes it difficult to tell exactly when this photograph was taken. Image: © 2007 Alyson Belcher

#2: The Holy Virgin Cathedral is a gold-domed Russian Orthodox church on Geary Blvd. (at 26th Ave.). I chose to photograph it from behind, where one can get a sense of the residential neighborhood that surrounds this amazing cathedral. The presence of the houses, cars, garbage cans and telephone wires in the foreground create an odd juxtaposition with this majestic structure in the background. Image: © 2007 Alyson Belcher

#3: We have a large population of Russian and Jewish immigrants in the Richmond District, and there are several markets that sell imported and kosher foods. Walking down Geary Blvd. is like shopping in old country. Not that I would really know. But I do know that when I go into these markets, I have no idea what any of the products are. All of the labels are in Russian or Hebrew. This particular store is the best place to buy Challah on Fridays.
Image: © 2007 Alyson Belcher

#4: The 4 Star Theater is my favorite movie theater in San Francisco. It's a small, cozy theater that has been around since the 1940's. Image: © 2007 Alyson Belcher

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